Arm Stress Caused By Too Much Turn

Wed, 06/08/2016 - 00:51 -- Don Trahan

We received a question from Dave through the site that he has problems with arm stress in the backswing. A quote from his message is this:

...Even with your excellent videos and dailies I still strugle with making a proper weight transfer coming out of the stable setup. While I am still fairly flexible and have to think about staying out of the sacred burial ground, I still tense up during the through swing and loose power...  -Dave

His letter gives a clue to his possible problems. The key works are "have to think about staying out of the sacred burial ground". If you have to think consciously about this aspect of the PPGS, then that means you tend to get into the sacred burial ground. As said in the Fundamentals of the Peak Performance Golf Swing, you can stand in the sacred burial grounds but if you swing in it - you are dead. In our 14 Drills videos, we illustrate the Butt-On-The-Wall drill. Taken to an extreme is a drill we posted by Jack Moore on the Daily Video.

Last but not least, is always alignment. If your alignment is terrible, you could be adding stress to your body as you mind is trying to correct your swing to get the ball where you want it to land. It is just a general rule-of-thumb, eliminate alignment as a factor in your golf swing. To date, after running PPGS schools for seven straight years, there has only ever been one student out of hundreds with perfect alignment. Before walking away from a shot lay your club at your toes and walk back to check where you were aligned.

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I discovered on the putting green that if I stood up "straight and tall" and found my alignment with the ground before reading the putt or standing at address to the ball I got better results.'s picture

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I love seeing your dog in the videos. Keep up the good work. Your golf swing and the daily videos have helped me tremendously.

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Name is Buckley and it's actually DJ's dog!