Building Your Own Backyard Driving Range

Thu, 04/11/2013 - 12:09 -- Don Trahan

Have you ever wanted to build your own backyard driving range? Well, today I'm going to discuss how I went about constructing my own and where you can find the right materials to do it yourself.

Just watch the video for a look at all the components of my driving range. I'll provide you with some tips on where to shop for nets, mats, and everything else you'll need!

Keep it vertical and enjoy the Masters!

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Don my name is Ron Chavez. I have been viewing your daily tips and have purchased some of your training videos. I am ready to take my game to the next level. I took your advice and hired Larry Jacobs to loose weight. (I lost 40 pounds). I won his weight loss contest, and the prize is a day with you or something like that. I took your advice and was professionally fit by Doc Griffin. (He also made my new set of clubs.) I live in Wyoming , where the season is short. Last Friday the weather was warm enough for me to play with my new clubs. I birdied the first hole, long story short I had a great round. My flexibility because of the weight loss, and the accuracy of being professionally fit has me excited about what this season is going to be like. The accuracy and length is so amazing compared to my last set of clubs. I would compare being professionally fit to a carpenter who uses a ping pong paddle to pound nails. Some one then gives him a hammer and he then sees the difference between a tool and a proper tool. Thanks for what you do and keep it up. P.S. I need to get with you to make arrangements for my lesson with you. I have an alignment problem but not sure what it is. Thanks again's picture

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I would like to know the distance from where you hit the balls to the net??? thanks,,, Ron Long

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Another words

Don't complain about the free merchandise. If you want top of the line videos buy Dons videos that are in the Surge Shop are great with great video quality. Plus buying the videos help pay the employees and pay for the website.

It is a shame in todays society some people think everything should be free then want to complain about the free stuff.

Range mats I would watch using the lower priced matts on your patio or on concrete they are usually thin and easy to rip through if you catch one fat . The Pro range matts like Don has are a lot thicker but are pricy.

Just my two cents

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Great round Sergio Garcia T1 @ The Masters. Great round for DJ =3 only 3 shots back of the lead in his tourney.

Tianlang Guan 14 yr old amateur had a great round also+ 1 at the masters

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I found that the hoop type nets like Don has are too small for me (i.e. I would occaisionally miss the net). To make absolutely sure I hit the net I had to stand too close and the net would interfere with my FUS with the driver. My solution was a 12x14 Nylon Golf Impact net strung on a steel dog run cable between two trees. You can hang the net using cheap aluminum mini-carabiners and stake the corners down with tent stakes. When you want to mow the lawn, simply slide the net to one side and wrap it around one of the trees. For a mat I use a 4x5 mat similar to Don's, but I framed it with perfectly leveled landscape timbers and filled the frame with pea gravel up to the top of the timbers. The mat is fantastic, it is thick and stiff enought to hold up tees, just cut them off to length so you don't have to try to push them through the backing, or drill a hole for the rubber tees where ever it suits you. The top of the net is about 6 ft from the edge of the mat (linearly) and the bottom is staked out about 8-10 feet away.

I use my backyard driving range 3-5 times a week throug the spring, summer, and fall. Unlike Don, I'm not constrained from endorsing any particular product. Here's the net from 2008:

Brian Davidson
FreForm Manufacturing Inc.
800 463 6865
12x14 Nylon Golf Impact Panel, Rope Border - No Lead Line - Black ($129.00) X 1 = $129.00
Shipping = $15.00
Grand Total = $144.00

And the mat from December, 2012, from Amazon:

48" x 60" Monster Tee Golf Mat
Sold by: Go Green Synthetic Lawn Solutions LLC
Condition: new
Quantity: 1
$89.99 each
Shipping & Handling : $22.99
Total : $112.98

The landscape timber and pea gravel are from Lowe's

I'm not affiliated with anyone.

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Apologies. Misread prior posting.

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What kind of nonsense is this. Forget about the quality of the video. Get this man a script. I thought I was going to get tips on building a range...instead I get a bunch of "Google",a rickety golf net...and rant about drainage and the neighbors mowing the lawn. Oh wait if I want quality tips like boogieman says I have to pay for it. Ron Chavez I hope you didn't pay for him to tell you to lose weight. I should get in touch with his neighbor, sounds like he's got his stuff together.