An email came in from one of our instructors in Australia, Ken McKay. Ken talks about a person walking up and asking about his swing as he was practicing. Turns out the person followed us here on the site, but he had a problem - Reverse tilt. Reverse tilt is one of the biggest problems in... more

Published on: Friday, August 3, 2018 - 21:44

In order to successfully swing a golf club, you have to be able to transfer your weight properly at different points in the swing. The best way to accomplish this is to start off with a proper setup position. 

Published on: Thursday, December 26, 2013 - 12:00

Being a good ball striker means you can consistently hit the ball at your intended target time and time again. It's about repeating shots, splitting fairways, and hitting greens. DJ has always been one of the better ball strikers on the PGA TOUR, and it's because he uses the Peak Performance... more

Published on: Sunday, August 18, 2013 - 12:00

Today I'm going to discuss the sternum and spine position at address through to impact. Larry Hink sent in a question asking how to keep a level sternum during his pre-loaded heavy right setup. But, the goal is not to keep a level sternum. In fact, it's impossible to swing with a level sternum... more

Published on: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 12:00

Today I want to talk about one aspect of the setup position. With the Peak Performance Golf Swing, we have two major setup positions.

Published on: Friday, March 15, 2013 - 10:00

A couple of weeks ago I published a daily about setting up with the proper pre-loaded, heavy right position. What I didn't discuss that day is how to determine whether or not you're pre-loading too much and how you can fix it if you are.

Published on: Friday, December 14, 2012 - 08:00
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