Driving Range Practice Routine for Success

Tue, 06/12/2018 - 12:56 -- Don Trahan

A lot of amateur golfers do not practice on a driving range in any manner that will yield success on the range. First, your routing on the range should be the same routine you do on the course. You go to the range to practice and you should be practicing the exact same routine you do on the course on the range. Walk in, approach the ball, proper grip, stance, and lastly do not forget alignment.

On the range, you should ALWAYS pick a target. If you want to improve your game, the range is not for beating balls. Practice your swing, pick a target to work on your accuracy.


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Have a bit of a problem. Being an older guy my swing speed is in the 65 to 75 range. Despite my best efforts my driver carry distance has "improved?" from 200 t0 220 in the past to 120 to maybe 140. At present I have no club in my bag which will carry over 100 yards. Even on clean hits the ball seems to dive after a short flight. Direction is not an issue as my accuracy is pretty good, no pronounced hook or slice. I have been trying to use PPGS for about 10 years now.

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Two basic reasons for ball diving quickly. First is worn golf balls. To control a golf ball is a function of the total volume of the dimples. With range balls the clear cover wears and eventually one can hit multiple curves with the same swing. Second is a misunderstanding of the PPGS fundamentals. With the PLHR and a too wide stance the low point of the swing bottoms out behind the ball. This does not create enough back spin to hold the ball in the air for maximum distance that you can achieve. The cure is to be able to hit down on the ground so the low point is ahead of the ball with fairway woods through wedges, but without taking deep divots. Move the divot ahead of the ball instead of behind it.

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HI Don, just started going through the saved lessons. I love your explanations! You keep them simple enough and they make perfect sense. thanks for sharing your expertise! You are a golf treasure! steve

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Please demonstrate