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Elbow Lifting in Backswing for Driving Distance

Wed, 11/25/2015 - 14:00 -- Don Trahan

Today I'll go over how to properly lift the golf club in your backswing to maximize your driving distance. It's all about swinging and maintaining a light club, because you can swing a light club a lot faster than a heavy club!

The secret is that both hands and arms have to work together equally to obtain the peak impact position. If either one of your arms takes control over the other, there's no telling which the way the ball is going to go when you finally make impact.

Check out the video above for some visual demonstrations of pure lift.

Keep it vertical!

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Submitted by redsbux86 on

That's my problem. I'm not lifting my right arm. I keep thinking that I do that, but the shots show that I'm not. Thanks for the reminder.

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Submitted by golftime@cogeco.ca on

The benefits of these daily videos never ceases to amaze me. I watched the video and immediately went to practise with my only pre swing thought being to use both hands to lift the club. I tend to use the left hand more than the right (right handed golfer). It seems to help me keep the left arm firmer in the BS and also make a slightly higher BS. I'm still well within the bounds of PPGS but the few extra degrees of lift helps with timing and tempo. I set a personal best score on the simulator after just 30 minutes of practise.