Golf Ball Poem - My Prose - Wearing Out Golf Balls

Sat, 01/20/2018 - 20:05 -- Don Trahan

Today we break from our normal programming and talk about an amusing poem someone sent in about golf balls. I decided to extend it with my own words to add a splash of PPGS.

Do you know we have golfers that wear out golf balls? This includes me. With the PPGS, you do not lose golf balls. They are replaced once you have played too many rounds with them!

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I "retire" golf ball after 100 holes -- remember ? By that time they are usually scratched up and discolored too much play. My personal record is 120 holes - could have had a few more holes, but I just couldn't myself to hit it anymore.
Strange thing though with golf balls -- when I open a new sleeve, one of them finds a watery grave after only 5 or 6 holes, one of them ditto, after 75 or 80 holes -- and one of them makes it to "retirement" (100 holes) . In no particular order, of course - lol
If was not for a short par 3 over a large irrigation pond, I could possibly play one ball all year (95 to 100 rounds).

Keep hitting them STRAIGHT and LONG

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I recived a new driver from my Son as a gift this past Christmas.
my question is this. I believe it is to long for me.
I am 76 years young and only 5foot 8 inches tall.
I have long arms . This club is 46" long. Can I take it somewhere and have cut down to say my 3 wood length or will this destroy the balance all together.
I play to a 18-20 handicap.
Thank You for your insight,
Regards Frank Frieri

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I can only speak from personal experience on this issue and am not a club fitting expert. I'm 6 feet tall with normal length arms and cannot hit a 46 " driver without choking up a lot. Golf Town in Canada will butt cut a driver for free if you pay for a re-grip. I've never been disappointed with the result of shortening a driver 2 " and the balance and feel have always been better. I have fairly large hands and always re-grip with a midsized grip anyway. If you start with a senior or regular flex shaft, you probably won't feel any significant stiffening with a 1& 1/2" to 2" shortening.

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Take the driver to someone that knows what they doing . Just cutting the length off will throw it out of balance . Usually you add weight back to the head. I tried that and it did not work for me. Go to a legitimate club builder and have them do it.