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Golf vs Flog - Playing Golf vs Getting Beat By The Game

Tue, 06/20/2017 - 08:53 -- Don Trahan

How many people do you know that quit playing the game due to frustration? They are beaten by the game rather than playing the game. Golf does not have to be hard.

If you are following the PPGS, you already know that the PPGS is the way to play golf frustration free. Help your friends and colleagues by sharing with them. They have nothing to loose and everything to gain!

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Submitted by westwood on

Over the years I have done a dozen sports from martial arts to waterskiing. I took up golf more as a pastime and couldn't figure out why I, ( as a pretty good all round athlete) couldn't 'crack' golf. I used to slice every drive, then compensate, then it would go straight Left etc. i.e. FLOG in flogging myself! We have all been there. PPGS gave me a transformation and the few dollars for the DVDs have more than paid for themselves in lost golf balls not to mention 500% increase in ENJOYMENT of GOLF. I think it is important to take the positives, thank those responsible and pass it on. So thanks Surge and good health.

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Submitted by jf55wright on

Golfers need to get a handicap index. It will tell how you are progressing. Do not compare your play on any day with another player. Especially for senior golfers who may have various physical limitations, we have limits. Move up to a shorter set of tees if you can not get to the green on most par 4's with an iron on your 2nd shot.

Enjoy the course. Pay attention to more than just wind conditions. Enjoy your playing companions, even enjoy when they hit a great shot.