Grip Pressure Revisited

Mon, 10/10/2016 - 09:06 -- Don Trahan

Grip pressure is a topic we have covered numerous times on We revisit it again today because it is still an issue we find at golf schools, despite our Daily videos on the subject. For some reason, the golf grip can get overlooked in the golf swing. Chaulk this up to learning the PPGS coming from a rotational swing or whatever it may be.

Today we talk about the subject again. Your golf grip pressure should be firm and equal.  Do not hold the club like a "baby bird" and make sure both hands are equal in pressure!

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Jerry Gaughan's picture

Submitted by Jerry Gaughan on

Two things:
How is Don, and did the storm effect his home? Prayers for all who were effected by the storm.
Any idea on what DJ is going to do this season?
Thanks as always - still playing in the fall, weather good so far.
Good luck and hitem well friends :)
Jerry - Warren MI

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Submitted by Brady on

The storm did not affect Don's location very much except for a lot of rain. DJ's house on the coast was also unaffected. But Hilton Head did get a lot of damage.

DJ's schedule is based on exemptions to play. He's focusing on exemptions into PGA tournaments more with his prior champion status.


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Submitted by Doc Griffin on

We're ok in columbia too for those curious about that area. Lot's of rain and some flooding again.

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Submitted by afriend32 on

Wow Surge this flies in the face of what I have been taught over almost 50 years!! I think the baby bird concept is there because majority of amateurs grip the club with their RIGHT HAND way to tightly. This tightens up the forearms and arms overall making it very difficult to 'swing' the club with any speed. I do believe that the imbalance of pressure is very valid point and a difference in that destroys good golf swings. Perhaps a clarification of how tight or firmly a club should be held would help this idea. Perhaps on a scale of 10 (being the tightest) perhaps a pressure of 6 is a good place to start (because it will increase during the swing).
Thanks for your years of service.

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Submitted by Jerry Gaughan on

Brady - Thanks for the update on SC conditions. Doc - glad to hear you are OK too.

Good luck DJ this week - hope for a repeat of last years success at this tourney.

Played a lot this week -22 holes Monday, 36 Wednesday, and 18 on Sunday. Wednesday I hit it bad but near the end I figured it out - was lifting the club too early, butt end was pointing ahead of my toes, causing a lot of fat hits. Hit it good last three holes wed and all day Sunday. But alas the cold weather is coming, no golf during the week. But Saturday is looking OK.

Surge, Doc, and the rest of Surge Nation:
Have a great week and stay safe :)

Jerry - Warren MI