Laying Off At The Top Of The Backswing

Wed, 07/05/2017 - 06:00 -- Don Trahan

A question came in from a customer in Australia regarding the Driver Swing video and laying off the club in the backswing. What is perceived in the video and what you have to do in the backswing?

Today I clear up some questions regarding what you see in most of our dailies and our product videos. Most of the time, we use short clubs in our instruction. The Drive Swing video, as you may expect, only features just one club. So what is the difference in the PPGS with the long club? Do we lay off the long clubs in the backswing? No.

Historically DJ has had a problem with the driver allowing the club to come to far forward toward the ball in the backswing. This is something we work on with DJ. The cure for DJ is to shorten his backswing. With the driver, he tends to get a little too long in the backswing and past three-quarter.

Good observations by one of our Surgites. Keep them coming!

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All is well. We get the videos up when we can. They are very time consuming and we have limited resources.