Left Knee in Backswing

Thu, 10/23/2014 - 12:00 -- Don Trahan

The Peak Performance Golf Swing is the only swing that is based entirely on science. The physics of a golf swing and the physiology of the human body must be in harmony. If they are, you're left with the most body-friendly swing being taught today.

Your knees are a very important part of maintaining stability, which is a key ingredient to pain-free golf. They keep your whole body level, so resist the urge to move them all over the place. Remember, your knees are your levelers and stabilizers. Keep them relatively quiet and make sure you've got some outward pressure to resist the movement of the knees. It's going to cut down on your turn, which well help you stay perfectly level.

Check out the video for a demonstration as to how your knees should move throughout the swing. The knees are the bees...move them too much and you're going to get stung!

Keep it vertical!

The Surge

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The daily videos do not download properly. The original attempt just sits there
with the arrow spinning. If you try through the CLICK HERE" button the video eventually starts but halts so often it can't be watched.

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Must be your pc - or your connection. The daily video runs just perfect for me.

Keep hitting them STRAIGHT and LONG


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Surge, ah ha, finally found this one again! I can't agree more and in fact would argue that you need to almost constantly remind PPGS golfers about the importance of the left knee during the backswing and helping initiate the hip bump to start the downswing. That has become my single and almost only swing thought as I build myself back up after open heart bypass surgery at the end of January.
The rotational swing that almost all the TV "expert analysis" people want to push always has the left knee moving so much inwards and then having to both twist and straighten during the downswing that it's no wonder that so many regular golfers have issues with slicing, pulls and pushes and heaven knows what else.
I sure wish Tiger Woods would come spend a little time with you - he could extend his career and win another 10 majors if he changed to the PPGS!