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The Most Overlooked Golf Club: The Putter

Thu, 01/28/2016 - 14:00 -- Don Trahan

Today, PPGS Certified Fitter, Frank Stranick is going to prove why the putter can often be the most overlooked club in one's bag. Great putters are certainly in the minority, and it's arguably because amateur golfers just don't spend as much time practicing their putting as they do their long game.

Warming up on the practice green can be a nice routine to loosen up before a round, but if that's the extent of the work you put in with the flat stick, there is a reason you're not making more putts.

Frank provides some excellent insight and data into how club fitting applies just as scientifically to the putter as it does with every other club in the bag.

Lastly, always remember that we have a team of Club Fitters waiting to help take your game to the next level!

Don't quit, get fit, and keep it vertical!

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wolftitan's picture

Submitted by wolftitan on

Wow, what a great and timely video Frank! Now we can understand why a lot of amateurs have a basement full of putters. They were never fit properly for the most important club in the bag. If you get fit for a driver which you might use 14 times during a round of golf why wouldn't you get fit for a putter which you could use 25 - 45 times a round? You are so correct, The most overlooked club in the bag is "The Putter".

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Submitted by Russty Kiwi on

I recall a comment somewhere a while back by Doc, saying he would only fit with Cure putters. I don't always get my facts right, so if I'm wrong, I trust that someone will tell me.

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Submitted by cborgy on

Is it a total coincidence that Rick Barry markets a Turn & Lift approach after being at Harbor Town, and you were previously at Harbor Town? Some of his swing components are similar to PPGS. Looking forward to the golf school in Palm Desert. Charles (Al) Borgerding