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My Lesson with Keenan Huskey: Part 2

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 14:00 -- Don Trahan

In today's segment, I'll discuss Keenan's tendency to over rotate in his backswing, a problem that can be hard to fight if you golf with rotational golfers on a regular basis.

Keenan was turning too much, which is the same problem I’ve always had with DJ. The most important thing to remember about the PPGS is that it’s a limited turn swing. We never get behind the toe line, also known as the “sacred burial ground.”

Check out the video to see how Keenan and I got his backswing back where it should be.

Keep it vertical!

The Surge


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Submitted by NeilofOZ on

Surge, today's video highlighted some recent issues I've had in the last 2-3 weeks in that I was hitting the ball so well, but last week was all over the place and couldn't understand what was going wrong. Couple of months ago I realised that I had to get my right elbow fairly high in the BUS and this was the catalyst for dropping into the slot and then firing by "Skipping a Rock" with the right hand. It seemed all so simple for me to just get that elbow high and a good shot would follow, but last week no matter how much I tried, couldn't get the elbow up high causing all sorts of issues. Then suddenly I realised that I was going inside the line too far and it was impossible to lift the right elbow as required. So I did some practise swings following your mantra of "In the Mitt & Up The Tree" and bingo, the elbow went straight up and broke my handicap by 4 shorts on the weekend, even cleaned out the kitty, lol.

My right elbow goes much higher than yours, but for me this is essential as I believe my wrists cup too much if I keep them level.'s picture

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This is MUkul Rawat from Mumbai India. I have been following PPGS for well over 5 years , however I must confess that I have oscillating between rotational and PPGS . The vertical swing is certainly better and most accurate but somehow I tend to lose some yardage (about a club) even though i like the purer contact with the ball with PPGS I keep drifting to rotational swing. As I am getting older (i am 55 now) I will have to adapt tp PPGS. My question is that can the same swing be used effectively for shorter shots like 30-90 yd pitch shots with good spin control? Currently I use another shot which is like a high chip shot (open club face) but a compact swing with very good results how ever that requires a lot of practice and feel. When I rty PPGS for pitch shots I tend to top the ball and find difficult to control the ball and check it as it drops.
Advise please

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Submitted by Dave Everitt on

Hi Mukul.
I've never had much luck using the Surge swing for partial shots either. I get better results with a little flatter swing plane. The master setup position with the right elbow turned in front of the hip programs a very upright swing which works well with full shots. Letting the right elbow just hang beside the right hip and letting it coast around the body a bit during the backswing, makes it easier for me to vary the backswing and follow through length whether hitting a chip or a pitch. I still use the right sided takeaway of the Surge swing for these shots.

This is an interesting question and hopefully will generate some feedback.

Brad Faxon has some very well done short game videos on YouTube that have helped me a lot.