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Stack and Tilt vs. The Peak Performance Golf Swing

Tue, 11/10/2015 - 14:00 -- Don Trahan

There are many golf instructors today that claim they teach a body-friendly golf swing. "Body-friendly" is a really great term, but I'm continuing to see it misused far too frequently. 

What bothers me are swings that claim to be body-friendly that are actually nothing of the sort. One Surgite sent in a question regarding a swing that I feel falls into this category...the Stack and Tilt swing.

Any swing that encourages a lot of body movement and hitting down on the ball simply isn't body-friendly. The Stack and Tilt method may work for some, but to say it's a body-friendly golf swing is incorrect.

Check out the video above and I'll explain why the PPGS is the real body-friendly golf swing.

Keep it vertical!

The Surge 

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Submitted by jroberts2873@co... on

Hi Don, I just bought the KK short game video after listening to your interview about all of his putting records-guess what there is nothing on the video I got about putting, It is a great discussion and very informative about wedges but \, where is the famous putting technique?
Thanks for answering.

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Submitted by Brady on

The Kenny Knox video, as the title says, is classified as a Short Game video - not a putting video. Kenny Knox attributes his putting records on the PGA tour to his short game (I believe this was stated in the interview). We only have two putting videos in our library and those are here:

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Submitted by robb60 on

I'm going to have to go with a big fat YES on that one. The weather here in the Midwest has been just terrific. One pro at a course near me said they made more revenue in 3 days in November than the whole month last year. That's great to hear. I've received a bunch of calls from different golf buddies trying to squeeze those last few rounds in before the hammer falls. I ended up playing 11 straight days (9 walking) this month with different friends. I'm tired but not one body part is in pain. Kinda like two-a-days in HS football. Mind and body just needs a break. Don's swing mechanics just work. I think if done correctly, you can play as much golf as your 'focus' will let you. I really feel like I'm shooting pool out on the course. Not trying to rip a home run over the fence. And...with good results. Body friendly? Yes! Good golf? Yes. A bunch of fun? Oh yes! Thanks Don !'s picture

Submitted by jroberts2873@co... on

Hi don, you my have addressed this problem before but, it is new to me. I have always hit the ball high-now with the PPG swing I am hitting the ball so high that I am not getting any distance. My angle of attack is probably too steep-if I was using a Rotational swing I would know how to flatten my attack, however with the PPG swing being so vertical I don't seem to know how to shallow it out.
I would appreciate any help you can give me.
My shots are all well struck and very straight but, they don't go any distance.

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Submitted by MikefromKy on

My guess without seeing your swing would be that you are hanging back on the back foot and not bumping / transferring you weight at the start of the down swing. That could cause you to hit higher.

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Submitted by Lynn42 on

Just checked the Mayakoba leaderboard . DJ finished T19 with A Monday finish for the leaders. Looks like a top 20 finish for sure. Last 2 weeks look promising, hope it continues.

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Submitted by Brady on

Just hoping that T19 sticks. There is still a few of the leaders left to play and -18 and -16 spots are not taken right now. A top 25 is for sure.'s picture

Submitted by gordandbev.brow... on

seem to have lost my connection and need my constant update to stop bad habits from creeping in.

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Submitted by Zach Kaplan on

Hi Don - Your recent session on positive mental thoughts is excellent (especially those "three deadly words"). I find that imagery is helpful in the swing also. There's no question that PPGS has been easier on my 76 year old back when I make a good swing (still digging trenches at times). I would love to see more detailed video images of good players you consider to have solid PPGS swings. (Who was the older player they used to call 'Mister X' ?). Have you considered doing some side-by-side videos of you and DJ, with slow motion, different angles, etc? Kind of like the old Syber-Vision video with Al Geiberger?

I thank back thanks you.

Zach Kaplan Fort Collins, CO