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T-Finish Correct Arm Fold for Power and Balance

Fri, 03/18/2016 - 14:00 -- Don Trahan

I recently got to work with one of my top students, Keenan Huskey. Keenan is currently a member of the University of South Carolina golf team and just won his first collegiate tournament during the 2015 fall season.

While Keenan was certainly hitting bullets during our time at the range, there was some inconsistency in his ball flight. He was having a tendency to hit slight pulls and pushes. What I started to notice was that Keenan was really over extending on his follow through, so it was throwing him out of dynamic balance. He wasn't folding his arms at the proper time.

They key is to fold your arms at the correct time to maintain proper balance. Good balance leads to power, so this is especially helpful with the driver. But, you don't want to be loose and lazy when you fold your arms either. Remain firm and controlled!

Check out the video above for a visual demonstration of when to fold your arms during the forward upswing. Once Keenan started getting to a T-finish position followed by the recoil and relax motion, his ball never left it's intended starting line.

Keep it vertical!

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