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The Takeaway Starts with a Turn

Thu, 09/17/2015 - 00:00 -- Don Trahan

Another great submission was sent in from Ray Johnson, who is currently playing his best golf. Ray has been using the Peak Performance Golf Swing for a couple years now, and has enjoyed the simplicity of the vertical golf swing.

But, it wasn't until recently that Ray finally understood the importance of the turn. That's right, even though the swing I teach is a limited turn golf swing, there still needs to be a turn. The place to start the turn may come sooner than you think.

The catcher's mitt is just about an inch inside the aiming line. The takeaway starts by taking the club back toe up into the catcher's mitt. But, as Ray eluded to, it's possible to forget about turning. The right knee, hip, and shoulder all start the takeaway together. This allows you to sit, or sink, into your back side, which is what allows you to power through the ball.

If you don't have any turn, you're going to have a much weaker swing that most likely is coming over the top.

Keep it vertical and remember to turn!

The Surge


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Submitted by Dave Everitt on

I turn too much and do not get enough torque between the upper and lower body, if my whole right side initiates the backswing. Thanks to Surge, I'm now hitting the ball better than ever at age 70. I use a couple of swing thoughts/triggers to start the backswing and ensure that I don't " forget the turn."

One thought works very well with all ground shots from any lie and short club tee shots. All that I think of is turning the right shoulder blade under the right ear lobe. (No lifting of the shoulder, only turning). This thought encourages a very stead head and sufficient correct turn with no swaying.

The second thought has been working like magic for all long tee shots. I now expect great driver and 3 wood tee shots. As Surge says we have to make enough of a turn to avoid coming over the top with the downswing. Something that has been helping me, with the longer clubs, is a thought that encourages a little deeper backswing, with the long clubs, without overturning past 70 degrees. It is thinking of turning the right shoulder blade around to the inside of the right heel.'s picture

Submitted by david@dwarchite... on

Thanks for the daily video about the turn. I have been using your technique for about 4 years. I always wondered why some of my drives went left like a rocket. Now I know. Not enough turn. Bingo, yesterday my drives were going mostly straight, high, and 30-40 yards longer. Thanks Surge.

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Submitted by Carle54 on

I just discovered your web site and golf instruction. I have a severe case of "toe hits" regardless of what I do to correct it. I know at my age,61, I cant turn as far as I used to, so I need help. What should I do first to begin to use your method?
Thank you.
Carl Eppler

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Submitted by MikefromKy on

I would start in surges shop buy the manual and the swing videos

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Submitted by Walburghian on

I would just like to advise that I have been using Surge's swing now for 4 years, during which time I have had knee replacement and recovery and seen my Handicap rise to double figures for the first time. I am now 71 but playing the most consistent golf I have ever played. I cannot fight time/age and my Drives are limited to 200/220 yds, so I find it difficult playing on the best Championship course in England. One thing I have recently re-discovered is that you must really hold on to the Club tightly at the top - if you lose it then your shots are inconsistent. I played the back 9 inlevel Par last week, so I can only say that Surge's swing works 100%. PS And Doc Griffin's Clubs are wonderful. PS Thanks Doc!