TBT: Rocco and The Surge Predict Tiger's Future Back Problems

Thu, 06/12/2014 - 16:00 -- Don Trahan

It's Thursday at the U.S. Open and there's one glaring absence; Tiger Woods. I wish Tiger nothing but the best and I hope that he gets back to competitive golf very soon, but this video from three years ago may shed some light as to why Tiger is fighting back issues today.

Rocco Mediate was interviewed a few years back and, not surprisingly, was asked about the impact of Tiger being injured and missing tournaments. Rocco said that the PGA TOUR is much better when Tiger plays, but that he thought his swing was the reason he was unable to.

Tiger fought his way back and had a wonderful 2013 season, but in 2011, Rocco and I both came to the conclusion that Tiger might end up missing more golf in the near future if he continued using the same swing. Two missed majors already this year might finally be Tiger's eureka moment to come join the vertical swing movement.

Here's hoping...

Keep it vertical!

The Surge

P.S. List your U.S. Open predictions below!

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Submitted by Robert Meade on

Staying 3/4's and relatively vertical while not over swinging is going to be solid advice forever. Even after following Don for 6 years I have to continue to go back to basics and keep it 'neat' and tidy. When ever I reach for more (by over turning or trying to power it- bad things start to happen again. The reminder of the Master Set Up the other day really helped me get back on track too. I re-shafted and re-gripped an old Cleveland Hi/Bore driver last week. Hitting a lot of fairways with good distance too. I never stop being amazed at how far the ball flies if we just follow the 5 rules and hit it square and solid.
Thanks again and again Surge. You have given us such a super foundation that we can always return to when we ever stray.

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Submitted by resumez@cox.net on

Right ON!! I had a similar experience -- falling in the trap of "trying to get more" by over swinging, get into the SBG, et - with the resulting loss of distance and some loss of accuracy too. Mainly caused by miss - timing the bump. I had bee struggling for about 6 weeks to get back "in the groove"
Then it happened on Friday the 13th - in a strange manner. In reaching for a small object slightly behind me, I managed to get a little "kink" in one of my lower back muscles -- near the lowest rib on my left side, about halfway between the spine and the outer edge of the rib cage. Hurt like the dickens for abut 10 seconds then subsided to a discomfort. For awhile, I wondered if I would be able to play that day, but decided to "give it a go"
After reminding my self to "take it easy" and "see what happens" -- IT happened.
Shorter more vertical swing and "Ti Ming and Tem Po" returned -with a vengeance ! The Bump was in proper sequence once more. Hitting my Driver almost 20 yds longer - and at least as straight as ever. Hit all 14 driving fairways with 9 0r 10 of them in the exact center of the fairway.
The resulting round was the best of the year so more. The most Symmetrical golf I have ever played -- 40 + 40 = 80 --but it gets even better -- 1 birdie, 4 pars 3 bogies and 1 double on each nine - with 14 putts used on each side. The only "non-symmetry" of the day -- 3 putted the 1st hole -- but then sunk a 30 foot birdie putt on #2.
Best shot of the day -- a driver on the long par 3 13th hole that stopped about 5 feet from the hole!
While I don't recommend injuring your back to cure your swing, it sure worked this time!
BTW - -who said Friday 13th is unlucky? or maybe I was just being "different Amos" again :<)))
Keep hitting them STRAIGHT and LONG

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Submitted by kelela1@msn.com on

Hi Surge, don't know if this will reach you because I couldn't locate the up-to-date comment section. First, so happy that you're home and wish you a speedy recovery. Want to give you a success story of my own. Yesterday, after about 3 years of following you faithfully, it came together, I shot 2 over for a 74 on a championship course. If I hadn't 3 putted 2 greens, I could shout a whoohoo! I also sent a message to Tiger on his webpage, asking him to take a look at the PPGS swing to help him continue playing golf for a long time. One never knows how destiny gets involved, but it's worth a try.
I wish you the best, and look forward to your return.