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Tucking Elbow In The Backswing

Tue, 06/28/2016 - 08:00 -- Don Trahan

How many times have you heard of tucking your trailing elbow (right elbow for righties) in the backswing? Some will say to hold a towel under your elbow and do not drop it. In the rotational swing world, this is what they do, but not to swing vertical golf swing that we practice. This video is just a reminder for everyone as it is something we have seen recently in some golf schools.

Keep your elbow away from your body and at the correct angle. Anytime you need a refresher, check our Drills video - the cactus drill will give you your correct arm position in the backswing and forward-upswing.

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Robert Hasel's picture

Submitted by Robert Hasel on

Thanks Surge,
I played a tournament yesterday, and I out of my past came the tucked elbow. I chunked and when I did hit it, it was a hooded hook to the left. This post helped clear my brain "again" and now I'm not so depressed.

morriskfm's picture

Submitted by morriskfm on

Surge first of all I'm a lefty and I know you teach a really good left hander so you are used to how we swing. I am totally confused about 2 points. Number one is keeping your hands perpendicular to the ground throughout the backswing. It looks like your hands are parallel to the ground when you take it back to the catcher's mitt. Number two I just watched your video on the flying left elbow (for me) and that has me really confused. If I don't keep my left elbow pointed toward the ground throughout the backswing I spray the ball all over the place. Thanks for your help. Larry Morris.

michael.perkins60@gmail.com's picture

Submitted by michael.perkins... on

I have always been confused about the palms perpendicular (or parallel) in the catchers mitt position