PPGS: Grip Tip

Sun, 06/14/2015 - 14:00 -- Don Trahan

Some golfers like to waggle the club at address. I've seen others milk or re-grip it continuously before settling into their shot.

I don't mind a waggle or two as long as it leads to consistent results. But, more often than not, when you re-grip the golf club, the clubhead position can change. What starts as a square clubface can end up as an open or shut club that results in a missed target.

Watch the video above and I'll show you how to always end up with a square clubface and solid grip each time you take a swing!

Keep it vertical!

The Surge


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Don: I hurt my lower right hip and back hitting too many golf balls at the range trying to groove in a set up that my pro wanted me to do which was to drop my right foot back, drop right shoulder below left, and shift weight to left foot at address. Result is seeing my orthopedist asap! Even though I shouldn't have played these past two weekends I did using your system. Even with really bad pain I was able to hit shot after shot almost dead straight with no pain. The only pain I felt was when I came out of the posture incorrectly. I just wanted you to know that your system really works. The only change I made was to use a driving iron instead of my driver as I didn't want to widen and flatten the backswing with the pain I was experiencing. Can't wait to get back healthy so I can play more pain free rounds. I know I shouldn't have played with the pain but I didn't want to disappoint my Saturday morning golf buddies.
Steve Myers

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Hi Surge, good to hear your swing is getting back to what it was. My friends say I am hitting the ball better than ever, where as they are getting shorter. I keep telling them about you but they still plod on with their wilting swings.I guess some people just will not listen!
I see that David Leadbetter is now advocating a more upright swing, its not PPGS but possibly a step in the right direction, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the subject.
Trying to keep it vertical,
Keith in England.

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Hi Don,

I have been a surgite for a few years and feel I am doing the swing fairly well now but not perfect. Recently I bought a swing analyser called ZEPP and have been using it. It has been really helpful in showing what is actually happening as opposed to what I think is happening. ZEPP unit comes with a lot of tutorials and tips which I recognize as being for rotational swings. It would be really great if you or DJ used the ZEPP and published the 3D graphics you get from it. Zepp provides graphics showing the club head path, hand path and plane for each swing you make along with data for the same. Loving the swing and know there is nothing better.


Pete Giles, Brighton, England, UK

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Don I cannot get any flight on my ball with my driver and can't fix it myself please help