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Message to Your Golf Professionals

Sun, 08/14/2016 - 12:51 -- Don Trahan

This is a public service announcement on getting more PPGS Certified Instructors. We often find friction in the golf world with our swing because rotational is the dominant swing. Many people think the PPGS and the vertical swing is voodoo and will not work. We all know that to be false. This video gives you some ideas on how to approach your local golf teaching professionals. The PPGS Certification program is absolutely free to instructors, it is one of our goals to help grow the game of golf and this is one way we try to help.

Have your teaching professional contact us to get details or have them email 

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NeilofOZ's picture

Submitted by NeilofOZ on

Surge, as you may not be able to visit Australia this year ( last year was cancelled due to lack of numbers ) I have arranged some lessons from a
teaching Pro and given him a copy of your condensed manual and subject to how the lessons go, will try and convince him to become certified as there are no PPGS certified teaches on the West Coast.

This year my game has fallen in a big hole and I urgently need someone to critique my swing as I have been unsuccessful to achieve this myself.

Regards Neil.

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Submitted by shortgamewizard on

As a certified instructor my goal is to give a lesson good enough that the student never has to return unless it is a tune up to get rid of acquired habits.

Once good alignment and getting the head up high enough to let the body swing vertically the student's natural biomechanics let the club swing where it should to produce solid accurate shots with minimum physical issues.

The PPGS is poised to erupt on the golf world in an exponential manner when more teachers realize that helping players play to their potential creates demand from other players that want to realize their personal potential.