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Jason Day Complains About Back Spasms

Sun, 03/27/2016 - 15:38 -- Don Trahan

At the time of writing this blog, Jason Day has overcome Jordan Spieth in WGC rankings and now sits at the world's #1 in golf. Just two days ago Jason Day was interviewed on TV, and he elaborated on issues he has been having this week that center around back spasms.

Mr. Day has the makings of a great golf swing and is very athletic. He has a good finish, but his backswing is the source of his back issues. Like most golfers, his back swing has far too much rotation and torsion in his spine. Listen as I dissect Mr. Day's swing, and how I could help him make a Peak Performance Golf Swing that will increase his golfing longevity. This is a longer video as I really break his swing down, but take the time to notice if any of these mistakes is creeping into your swing and make the necessary steps to keep your swing in Peak Performance!


Keith GB's picture

Submitted by Keith GB on

How many more pro,s are going to suffer back problems before they realise that they are being taught body unfriendly swings?
Surge they need your help, even Leadbetter is advocating a more body friendly swing.
I am nearly 65 and since adopting the PPGS I don't suffer back pain as I did as a rotary swinger.
Thanks Surge !

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Submitted by NeilofOZ on

As soon as I saw the interview on Jason Day, I conveyed to my mates that he wont be able to continue in the long term with his swing, naturally they all think that I'm one eyed and ignore me, even though I predicted that Tiger was dusted and gone, plus a plethora of other professionals along with him.

The problem with PGA players of today is that have been taught the rotational method since childhood and making changes now is a huge disruption, just ask Tiger and irrespective of what Surge may say in that it would be a simple transition, I don't believe it would.

For me, I just couldn't play golf without the PP system, even though my body frame is light and flexible, my hips and knees are starting to show major wear & tear due to many years of the rotational system.

I search the web a lot looking for simple clues that I can implement and now starting to see very subtle changes in golf instruction across the board and who knows, the next generation of 4-6 year olds will be going vertical.

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Submitted by Eric Lans on

Did I hear that you said that Jason keeps a straight left leg at the moment on ball impact? Should he really keep his left leg slightly bent instead , at the moment of impact? If that is the case, then I have been doing something wrong last year, resulting in a left groin lesion (pain). I could not play or practice during 7 months. Physiotherapy help me to recover and now I need to train my brain and nerve system to make a perfectly synchronized movement with all the left hip and leg muscles / tendons involved. Could this be explained and visualized more in detail by you Don? I practice your PPGS method during the last 8 years and I am a great fan of you. I have never had any pain or golf lesion before!!! (76 years old).

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Submitted by MikefromKy on

I question whether or not these guys with back problems are causing problems for there selves with the way they are working out. You know getting muscle bound along with the rotary swing.

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Submitted by Brady on

Core workouts never hurt anyone, it can help everyone. It would really depend on what that are doing and how they are doing it.

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Submitted by MikefromKy on

The announcers were talking and made the comment that the guys that seem to workout religiously seem to be the ones coming up with the back injuries and other injuries. I wonder if these guys are only doing sport specific training or are they cross training. My daughter at the age 12 started sport specific training for soccer in between seasons and played 4 years in college her trainers all along would mix in cross training in with the soccer conditioning and she had never missed a game due to injury.
I wonder if these PRO Golfers are cross training or just sport specific for golf. I guess my thought was are they getting to strong and tight and doing more damage than good.

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Submitted by Brady on

Yeah, there are right ways and wrong ways to do it. I see so many people at the gym doing typical stuff like bench presses (on a flat bench) and squats using smith presses, all wrong and in the end - bad for you.