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Thinking Good Thoughts Leads To Good Shots

Tue, 11/17/2015 - 14:00 -- Don Trahan

We all know the mental game plays a huge role in being successful at any sport, but this is especially true for golf. Yet, a lot of times, we lose our ability to stay positive.

I'm here to tell you that you must always look at every shot in a positive way, otherwise you'll end up where you don't want to be. If you're constantly worried about where you DON'T want to hit the ball, you're more than likely going to hit it there.

Your brain does not work with negatives. If you tell yourself not to do something, your brain is instantly going to be focused in on that. It’s just like saying don’t think of an elephant. What’s the first thing you think about? An elephant!

So, remember to stay positive out there. It's even more important when you're not playing your best golf. Don't give up, visualize where you WANT to hit it, and execute.

Keep it vertical!

The Surge


Jerry Gaughan's picture

Submitted by Jerry Gaughan on

Secret 5. A very big help to me, just as much as the swing itself. Because of this I rarely hit more that 1-2 shots poorly in a row.
Question: Does DJ have any status for the Q-School final stage because of his play the last two weeks? I noticed that he was supposed to play the 2nd stage in FLA, but he had NS - I assume that is No Show or No Start.
Had to be pretty encouraged with a top 10 and top 20 last two starts.
Probably played my last round of the year on Sunday, shot 42-42-85, pretty good considering I had not played in 10 days. Just a couple sloppy holes, lots of pars. Hope Surge and all of the Surgites have a safe winter, looking forward to next season already!
Jerry - Warren, MI

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Submitted by Brady on

Yes, there is a new rule for the Q school. It states that if you are in the top 200 in FedEx points you are automatically qualified for the final round on the q school. DJ is 63rd right now is points. He had already registered for Q school before he got the top 10 and top 20 back to back. So that skyrocketed him in FedEx points.

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Submitted by Jerry Gaughan on

Thanks Brady for the good news. Keep up the good work DJ.